The world of outdoor lighting nowadays is extremely rich and diverse. This fact is evidenced by the type, design, color and technology of each product segment. You need to order high-end products with stable quality? Below, Leadway Vietnam would like to give some basic standards for product evaluation. This is the secret to helping you own the best device!

The degree of protection of outdoor lamps must be qualified

This parameter indicates the lamp’s dust- and waterproof-resistance. It is measured according to IP international standards.

As you all know, outdoor lighting is synonymous with harsh working environment. Products are directly influenced by natural factors. Typically rainwater, temperature, dust and particulate matter are suspended in the air. Our street lights, spotlights, etc., are guaranteed with an IP rating of 65 or higher. Thus, the lamp is 100% dust resistant, and at the same time resists the ingress of water from all directions.

Lights apply modern lighting technology

Technological factors determine many problems throughout the operation of the lamp. Here, LED is prioritized because it provides light with a high color rendering index, which reflects things faithfully. From there, improving traffic safety. In addition, LED lights also save electricity, bringing long-term economic benefits. Not only that, this lamp does not contain chemicals that are harmful to humans, and the emission level is low.

There is also to mention the model of LED solar energy. This is a useful strategy to protect resources and the environment.

Please note that LED chips are imported by Leadway Vietnam from abroad. Including prestigious brands such as Cree (USA).

Mechanical durability of outdoor lighting

The body of the lamp and the radiator are made of high-grade metal, typically an aluminum alloy. Therefore, these details are extremely certain. Not only that, the metal surface is also equipped with powder coating. It is an antioxidant that prevents rusting. This coating should be smooth, smooth and flat.

Not only that, the radiator has an intelligent design with deep cuts. It accelerates cooling down, improves lamp life. This unit should be separate from the power supply unit.

In general, the above are the technical features that readers should keep in mind when choosing to buy products. We are honored to provide lighting equipment that meets international standards, at good prices! Check out the latest collection on our website fun88 , and you might find some exciting deals on lighting products.

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