Với tư cách là nhà sản xuất, Leadway Việt Nam luôn nỗ lực tìm hiểu nhu cầu thị trường để cho ra đời những thiết bị chiếu sáng phù hợp. Hiện nay, đèn LED máng là phân khúc sản phẩm được nhiều người quan tâm. Đến với chúng tôi, các bạn sẽ được tham khảo và lựa chọn các mẫu đèn khác nhau. Bài viết ngày hôm nay xin được giới thiệu khái quát về vấn đề này. Những khách hàng đang phân vân trong việc chọn mua sản phẩm có thể tham khảo những chia sẻ dưới đây!

LED recessed ceiling lights

As the name suggests, the device is ceiling mounted. Only the optical system can be observed by the user. With this feature, the lamp proves its ability to save space, suitable for plastic, plaster or wooden ceilings.

First, we must mention the 600×600 recessed ceiling lamp. The product has a square shape, the edges are carefully machined. In which, the trough body is made from high-quality aluminum. We use stainless steel to make reflectors. This design contributes to improved lighting performance.

Besides the 600×600 size, ZALAA also offers other rectangular models. Here, an LED trough is usually installed 2 or more bulbs.

If you are passionate about the arts, w88 bet drop ceiling lights are the perfect choice. They not only serve the needs of lighting but also beautify the interior of houses, offices, restaurants … Here, the round, hexagonal, Y-shaped ceiling lights capture the hearts of many. . They give off a unique, personal and creative breath.

In addition, there are panel lights with extremely thin panels. It is usually installed in shopping malls.

Tube type LED trough

This product is also known as LED tube. In addition to the usual form, you can order a double LED tube light … In particular, the device with a length of 1m2 is loved by many people.

The structure of the product is superior compared to the previous fluorescent tube lights. Therefore, you do not need to worry about flicker, or annoying noise when the lights start.

The product system is also very diverse in color. They come with explosion-proof, waterproof, insect-proof … depending on the type.

Thus, the world of LED troughs is really lively and attractive. Each product line has a different advantage. They help customers choose the best lighting option.

All of the above products of ZALAA meet the strictest technical standards and have long service life. In addition, the light quality ensures safety.

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