– The installation of the UPS has many different sequences depending on the capacity of the UPS, but there are general standards

+ First, we need to remove the cover of the UPS to check. Note: the weight of this UPS is relatively heavy, please be careful when shipping the goods. Remove the UPS outer cover. Gently remove, and sequentially arrange the equipment in the packaging.

Check in the box UPS will include: UPS, accessories such as manuals, product-related papers, communication cables, power cords … For UPS with time Long power storage, it will have extra battery wire. If there is any failure caused by shipping or if any part is missing, stay on the scene, do not turn on the UPS and notify the UPS dealer or service center.
Factors to check before installing a UPS have the following:
+ First: UPS must be located in a cool, well-ventilated place, avoid humid places, near water sources, places prone to fire or explosion or corrosive substances.
+ Second: Do not set the UPS in inclination. Do not partially cover any UPS parts to ensure ventilation. Plus the UPS ambient temperature should ideally be kept between 0 and 40 oC.
+ Third: The power supply for the power supply must be located near the UPS, easy to pull out in an emergency to disconnect the power and unplug the cord.
Caution: You must disconnect the load from the load device when you connect the load device to the UPS, and then turn on each device to load. Need to ensure each process.
– The UPS should charge the battery within 08 hours before use (avoid power loss by climate, external factors …). We simply need to use a power cord to connect the UPS input socket to a nearby mains outlet. Starting up the UPS, the unit will automatically charge the battery and can be used immediately without recharging.

UPS connection standards
– First, the user must refer to the technical documentation of each respective UPS in advance for correct connection and safety in installation., Provide full specification documentation of all models. UPS model so that customers can refer to when needed. The most important thing is to comply with standards for wire sizes, fuses, automats … to supply power to the UPS.
– When connected to the power source, setting the unit to bypass mode or not is thanks to WinPower software. For models from 6000VA or more, bypass mode is preset,
– Press the button and hold “Power on” for more than 1 second to turn on the unit. If the power does not show up, hold this button for 3 seconds.
– Once activated, the UPS will begin a self-test

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